Teaching youth to build businesses
A NFTE-UK case study

Page 5: Supporting learning

Nfte Uk 6 Image 3Rigorous scientific research methodology has been used to evaluate NFTE’s impact. Statistically successful participants in the NFTE scheme in the US show a significantly higher level of business understanding and ability than non-participants.

Research from a control and experimental cohort shows that NFTE educated students learn 30 times more than non-NFTE students about critical business knowledge. Long term (5 years) research indicates NFTE students view themselves as much more entrepreneurial than the general population and are choosing more productive behaviours than non-NFTE peers.

NFTE has developed a series of publications and learning systems to support the enterprise curriculum. These include the NFTE BizTech Learning system which was developed with Microsoft. NFTE BizTech is an entrepreneurship programme that teaches business, IT and workplace concepts via the Internet through its specialised curriculum.

NFTE-UK | Teaching youth to build businesses


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