A NIVEA case study

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Page 5: Brand strategy

The key proposition of the NIVEA Sun brand is protection. The main elements of this proposition include:

  • making sun care simple
  • educating that protection can lead to safer tanning
  • reinforcing the immediate protection message.

This last point relates to the immediate protection formula which was developed by NIVEA Sun and launched in 2005 to provide proven instant and full UVA and UVB protection. This was researched and developed following consumer studies which found that consumers often failed to apply sun screens 20-30 minutes before sun exposure (despite packaging instructions).

NIVEA Sun follows a strategy of product innovation, in order to achieve its long-term objectives. This takes the form of timely new product launches to enable the brand to more closely meet the needs of different types of consumers.

Some good examples of innovative launches include:

  • spray products that are easy to apply (particularly appealing to men)
  • a coloured formulation for children's sun products (making application more fun)
  • reformulation of the products to offer immediate protection.

For 2006, NIVEA Sun has developed 'Long Lasting Water Resistance' for children, a product which has increased the water resistance of sun protection from 80 minutes to 120 minutes. This allows children to be safer in the sun for longer. In addition NIVEA Sun creates innovative marketing communication. Women are the main purchasers of sun care for the family. This is reflected in above-the-line (advertising) communications, generally targeted towards a female audience. However, in 2005, NIVEA Sun targeted male consumers with its immediate protection message in press advertising. This was presented in a fun and 'non-serious' way in order to appeal to a male audience.

Children are not purchasers of sun care. However, NIVEA Sun recognises it can play an important part in educating children from a young age to be safer when in the sun. Every year, a 'Sun Sense' primary school resource pack is distributed to over 10,000 teachers to communicate this key message. Continual segmentation is vital to fully understand consumer needs and changing habits. This helps provide appropriate products to meet their needs.

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