Supporting superbrands: the role of high-tech suppliers
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Page 6: Environmental management

An important part of production and technological excellence in the modern world is ensuring that the environment is protected. Pittards is committed to continuous improvement in environmental management. An environment management system is a clearly defined system setting out who is responsible for particular aspects of environmental management, and the key procedures involved in working towards specific targets and objectives. Environmental concern can thus be given priority in terms of working to achieve a triple bottom line for a company.

This has involved creating a balance between competing economic, social and environmental criteria. In a world in which organisations are increasingly aware of the need for sustainable business practice, Pittards is working with its partner brands, external auditors and others to continually improve standards.

Since 2000, Pittards has produced an annual Environmental Report highlighting environmental performance and progress. Pittards' environmental policy sets out a commitment to the environment including annual reviews, open communication, and use only of hides and skins that are by-products of the meat, dairy and wool industries worldwide. The company is ISO 14001 certified, showing that it meets the international standards required for effective environmental management.

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