The importance of excellent customer service
A Portakabin case study

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With a proven track record in supplying the highest quality accommodation, Portakabin hires and sells permanent and relocatable buildings. Clients include hospitals and schools, government ministries, universities and major business players such as Sony, Vodafone and Tesco. Its mission statement, as stated on its website, is: 'To provide peace of mind for our customers across Europe through quality buildings and services'. It is the leading brand in this market with 16% of the UK market.

The field in which Portakabin operates is highly competitive with strong players. Portakabin therefore has to work hard to stay market leader, and maintains its position by making sure it has quality products and customer service. It has built a premium brand, based on a good reputation of providing high quality products and excellent service levels. If a company wants to be a leader in its sector it must exceed the minimal requirements, to differentiate itself from its competitors. It has the expertise and resources to deliver modern, attractive buildings quickly, efficiently and exactly to the needs of the client.

This Case Study focuses on how Portakabin keeps its competitive edge by making sure it provides not just good, but excellent, customer service. The company's motto is 'Quality - this time, next time, every time' and this is applied as much to its customer service levels as it is to the products it provides.

Portakabin | The importance of excellent customer service