The new world of Rexam
A Rexam case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Rexam 7 Image 3The merger with ANC provided the opportunity for Rexam to rise to the challenge of creating an integrated company with an integrated single brand strategy. Rexam has sought to create a vibrant brand which everyone within the company can relate to and which is perceived positively by people outside the company.

This has involved a constant communication of Rexam’s vision and values in a series of exercises involving videos and presentations. Rexam has used a cascade process to spread the message from Chief Executive down through the management team to supervisors and to grassroots employees.

'In today’s world of change and uncertainty, building and sustaining a brand, a distinctive identity that differentiates a relevant, credible and, not least, enduring promise of value, is perhaps one of the most powerful sources of competitive advantage,' states Per Erlandsson, Rexam’s Director of Corporate Communications.

'Successful brands help attract and keep customers and employees. They provide a strong platform to launch products and improve relationships with customers and suppliers. They also help boost investor confidence.'

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