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 Introduction It is the ability to satisfy customers that marks the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful organisation. That is why some children’s nurseries have a huge demand for places, while others have falling roles. It is why some supermarkets have people crowding the aisles whereas others are practically empty. This ability to satisfy customers boils down to successful marketing. The Chartered Institute of Marketing uses the following definition of marketing: 'Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying consumer requirements profitably.' There are a number of key components in this definition: Identifying - involves asking and finding out the answers to questions such as: “How do we find out what the consumer’s requirements are?” and “How do we keep in touch with their thoughts, feelings and perceptions about our goods or service?” Anticipating - is essential because consumer requirements change all the time. For example, as consumers’ living standards increase, they may seek a greater variety of foods e.g. the replacement of standard fare for exotic recipe dishes. Anticipation involves looking at the future as well as at the present. What will be ‘The Next Best Thing’ that people will require tomorrow?Satisfying - involves meeting...

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