Developing a communications strategy
A Roche case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

The involvement in the Millennium Dome project has been a public relations triumph for Roche.

Roche 6 Image 2To communicate with the many different groups involved in the project, it had to examine all forms of formal and informal communication. For example, it was necessary to produce a corporate hospitality package and a media dossier about Roche’s activities to send to guests visiting the Dome. Many of Roche’s most important customers were given a sneak preview of the Dome in late 1999.

Being a main sponsor of the Dome enabled Roche to invite and brief some key figures in the media world. The hospitality suites in the Dome will be used extensively during the year-long celebrations to entertain customers, journalists and employees.

It is often difficult to quantify the benefits derived from sponsorship. To assess the impact of the project on public and media awareness, Roche will use statistics on corporate recognition, collected before the involvement in the Dome project, as a baseline for future comparisons. Such benefits are likely to be long term, but early results are very encouraging. Roche is well on the way to becoming a truly household name.

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