Developing a competitive edge
A Singapore Airlines case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Singapore Airlines 6 Image 8SIA provides an excellent example of continuous improvement in the face of extensive global competition. Staying ahead of the field means that a company can never afford to stand still. This case study has shown how SIA is always seeking to improve the service it provides to customers and how it is constantly striving to improve customer service.

SIA has been able to successfully differentiate its product by continually providing the benefits to meet the needs of the modern air traveller whether a child, a young person, a tourist, a business traveller, a film star or a Prime Minister.

By steadily improving the quality of products by using the world’s best designers and chefs, SIA is able to create the synergistic benefits that stem from working with the best employees in the world. While passengers are invariably delighted with SIA, they can be sure that SIA is working to make their next flight even better.

Singapore Airlines | Developing a competitive edge