People in organisations


Introduction When you run a large organisation, you are likely to have a large number of employees. The Singapore Airlines Group has more than 29,000 employees. This large workforce comprises a diverse mix of people who bring a range of skills, attributes and personalities to the workplace. They are employed in the Group’s homebase in Singapore and in as many as 80 diverse locations, all around the world. An airline’s employees include people whose work is predominantly ‘in the air’ for example, pilots and cabin crew, whilst others work ‘on the ground’ like baggage handlers, check-in staff and engineers. Depending on how an airline is organised and on how much work it ‘contracts out’, it may also employ chefs, cleaners, telesales personnel, insurance experts and accountants. Some airline employees will spend nearly all of their time in offices, whilst others work in passenger terminals, cargo terminals or aircraft hangars. Somewhere behind the scenes there will also be a group of managers who make sure that the airline and its many operations run smoothly. All these people are of different nationalities. This case study shows how one large company, Singapore Airlines, organises itself to make the most effective use of its…

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