Developing a competitive edge
A Singapore Airlines case study

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Page 4: 'Raising the bar' through trainingn

Singapore Airlines 6 Image 6Initial training for SIA cabin crew lasts for three months. It is designed to support staff in learning to anticipate and meet the needs of all passengers, e.g. during the course trainees are encouraged to visit old people’s homes and to work with children while they are undergoing training. Other aspects of training include grooming and make-up, plus detailed Health and Safety Training.

The main emphasis is on top quality customer service and attention to detail. Language training is important and staff will be able to speak a number of international languages including English. Training encourages team spirit and staff understand that they are ambassadors for Singapore. For many visitors SIA staff will be their first glimpse of Singapore, so it is vital to create a positive impression. By continually pushing up the level of service SIA is creating a standard which others find difficult to follow.

SIA’s policy is that all promotion should come from within the company, so there is plenty of scope for staff development. Scholarships exist within the company to send cabin crew to University (as long as they come back!). SIA has its own management development centre which employs top quality trainers (including professors from Harvard University).

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