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A Singapore Airlines case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Singapore Airlines 7 Image 6Singapore Airlines has looked to provide an efficient operational structure that identifies clearly where decisions are made, by whom and with regard to which sections of the business. As the Group pursues its corporate objectives, it is looking to free up its managers to make decisions within their own sphere of influence, without continuous reference back to headquarters.

At the same time, the Group wishes to retain a sense of common purpose. For example, the Group magazine ‘Outlook’ helps to bring all employees together by providing information upon a range of common issues, including promotions and service anniversaries. Wherever they work, every employee within the Group is united in a number of other ways, through the Singapore Airlines song, through wearing similar, but defining, uniforms and through sharing a common business culture philosophy and goals. There is profit sharing, through bonuses and share options. This gives staff a further incentive to ensure that the business as a whole is profitable. As markets and opportunities change over time, it is important that the Singapore Airlines Group has a structure that allows managers and staff to quickly respond to business threats and to exploit new areas of opportunity to move the business forward.

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