SWOT analysis in action
A Skoda case study

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Page 5: Outcomes and benefits of SWOT analysis

Skoda UK's SWOT analysis answered some key questions. It discovered that:

  • Skoda car owners were happy about owning a Skoda
  • the brand was no longer seen as a poorer version of competitors' cars.


  • the brand was still very much within a niche market
  • a change in public perception was vital for Skoda to compete and increase its market share of the mainstream car market.

The challenge was how to build on this and develop the brand so that it was viewed positively. It required a whole new marketing strategy.

Unique selling proposition

Skoda UK has responded with a new marketing strategy based on the confident slogan, 'the manufacturer of happy drivers'.

The campaign's promotional activities support the new brand position. The key messages for the campaign focus on the 'happy' customer experience and appeal at an emotional rather than a practical level. The campaign includes:

  • the 'Fabia Cake' TV advert. This showed that the car was 'full of lovely stuff' with the happy music ('Favourite things') in the background.
  • an improved and redesigned website which is easy and fun to use. This is to appeal to a young audience. It embodies the message 'experience the happiness of Skoda online'.

Customers are able to book test drives and order brochures online. The result is that potential customers will feel a Skoda is not only a reliable and sensible car to own, it is also 'lovely' to own.

Analysing the external opportunities and threats allows Skoda UK to pinpoint precisely how it should target its marketing messages. No other market player has 'driver happiness' as its USP.

By building on the understanding derived from the SWOT, Skoda UK has given new impetus to its campaign. At the same time, the campaign has addressed the threat of external competition by setting Skoda apart from its rivals.

Skoda | SWOT analysis in action