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Page 5: Other visual branding


Sky 6 Image 4The logos are supported by a set of icons – graphics that represent some of the features and benefits of the company. These icons are used to emphasise a specific benefit being described in text, but more often are simply used to add interest to a piece of design. By using these icons across all Sky communications, the icons add another element that people will recognise and associate with Sky. In time it’s likely that they will become as important as the logo itself.


The use of a colour is an important part of the visual brand. Many companies are already recognised solely by the colours they use: orange and black for Orange; red for Virgin and for Coca Cola. Sky uses one primary colour – a specific dark blue (Pantone 2758c). This appears on almost every communication produced by Sky. But one colour is not enough –particularly when producing longer documents. So Sky has a small number of supporting colours that can be used to add contrast or visual interest.

Other elements

Other guidelines cover the use of type – including the use of Sky type, the specially created font in which the Sky logo appears – and the use of images. Together all these elements add up to build a strong visual brand for Sky, one that’s clear, confident and consistent.

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