Creating and launching a new product range


When consumers decide to buy something, they not only want to know what they are buying, they also want to be confident of having made the right choice. Branding plays a key role in this decision-making process. A brand is part of a product’s tangible features. It is a term, name, sign, symbol or design which identifies a product with a seller and thus differentiates it from those of competitors. Although the process of analysing consumer behaviour is complex, research reveals that shoppers develop a series of attitudes and beliefs which influence their decisions. In the majority of cases, choosing a specific brand is not based on luck. Consumers buy a particular brand because they have confidence in that product’s features, benefits and qualities. Perhaps the greatest challenge of branding is to create a series of meanings for a brand and then to develop product ranges which respond to consumer demand and match or further develop these meanings. This case study focuses on Jeyes, a household name which creates a series of attributes, beliefs and values in the minds of consumers. It examines the value of the Jeyes name and shows how the business has been revitalised through the process…

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