Social marketing in the new millennium
A Sky case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Sky 5 Image 3This case study explains the steps Sky Television took in developing a social marketing programme designed to inspire young people about themselves and their future opportunities.

Reach For The Sky is helping Sky to build its brand, attract new customers and encourage loyalty in existing customers by demonstrating a genuine commitment to the provision of more choice, creativity and connection with the communities it serves.

The next important stage is for the impact of Reach For The Sky to be evaluated. To do this, Sky is collating evidence of both the social and commercial benefits of the programme. It is finding out from teenagers and parents who have experienced the programme whether it was instrumental in helping them move on to the next stage of their lives. The company also intends to demonstrate how Reach For The Sky has affected Sky’s brand image and how the initiative has affected its employees.

All these questions will be analysed once the programme is in full stride, but the organisation acknowledges that they need to be answered to ensure that Reach For The Sky benefits both society and Sky’s development.

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