Competitive advantage through diversity
A Tarmac case study

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Page 5: Diversity in practice

A diverse workforce will have employees from a variety of backgrounds.

Pedro is a Procurement Contract Data Manager at Tarmac.

‘I'm originally from Columbia with a family background in the construction industry. Good luck took me to Tarmac where my specialism is procurement – obtaining the right materials and services at the right time and at the right price. I joined Tarmac in 2008 and gained a place on the Tarmac Managers' Foundation Development Programme. I now lead a team of four staff. We work hard to deliver on our commitments to the business and to achieve the exceptional.’

The nature of Tarmac’s business means that historically the majority of its employees were male. Even now 86% of the workforce are men, although this is changing as women are being employed in a range of roles at different levels.

Mandy is a Human Resource Project Manager.

‘I graduated from university in 2007 and being keen on people management, took a temporary job with Tarmac as a HR administrator. Thanks to internal management training, I gained my current job as an HR Project Manager in 2010. I'm now responsible for HR management information flows and the development of the HR intranet pages’

Tarmac is keen to attract young employees into the workforce as well as more experienced workers.

Luke is a Quantity Surveyor with the firm.

new-image-4‘I wanted to be a Quantity Surveyor and joined Tarmac in 2005 as a management trainee. During my first year I was given a wide range of tasks which included site supervision, estimating and basic quantity surveying. Soon I was involved in high profile projects such as the Liverpool Airport upgrade.’

Tarmac is monitoring the progress of its Diversity and Inclusion policy. Some of this evaluation is qualitative and flows through the management structure. The HR department provides regular insight regarding both progress and problems. It also records the 'diversity range' of both external job applicants and internal applicants for training and promotion. In addition, the company carries out an annual diversity survey. This asks all employees (on a voluntary basis) questions about marital status, ethnicity and any disability.

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