Delivering a business strategy
A TNT case study

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Page 2: Mission, aims and objectives

TNT is the fastest and most reliable provider of express delivery services and is the European market leader. Organisations do not become market leaders by chance. It takes vision, careful planning, outstanding quality and a committed, highly trained staff. This organisation-wide planning is known as business strategy. Organisations identify the goals that they want to achieve through:

  • a mission
  • aims
  • clearly stated objectives.



A business' mission is a statement that reflects its core purpose and principle business aims. It states what the business is, what it does and where it is heading. Employees and other stakeholders who have an interest in the organisation's activities need to be able to understand the mission easily. TNT's mission is to:

  • 'Exceed customers' expectations in the transfer of their goods and documents around the world,
  • Deliver value to our customers by providing the most reliable and efficient solutions through delivery networks,
  • Seek to lead the industry by instilling pride in our people, creating value for our stakeholders and sharing responsibility around the world.

Aims and SMART objectives

The aims supporting this mission focus on efficiently transferring goods and documents, providing customer satisfaction and behaving responsibly. To achieve these aims the organisation needs to establish objectives at a number of levels. SMART objectives are designed to ensure that everyone understands what is required and by when. They make it easy to measure performance so that the business knows if and when its aims have been achieved. Where necessary, it can change its plans to overcome any problems or obstacles.

Specific - exactly what is to happen
Measurable - by quantity or proportion
Achievable - capable of being achieved within available resources
Relevant - to the overall business or corporate objectives
Time-related - with a deadline attached

Measurable objectives cover every aspect of TNT's operations and service. The top-level objective is 'to achieve profitable growth'. Examples of SMART objectives across the business that contribute to this include:

  • 'Answer 85% of calls from customers within ten seconds'. This objective fits with the mission 'to provide the most reliable and efficient solutions' for customers. TNT's customer focus is one of the key ways in which it aims to differentiate itself from competitors.
  • 'To improve TNT's carbon efficiency by 45% by 2020 (measured against the 2007 baseline)'. This example of a longer-term objective reflects TNT's aim to reduce the environmental impact of its business.

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