Delivering a superior customer experience
A TNT case study

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Tnt 17 Image 4Effective customer service involves meeting or exceeding customer needs. However, customer service is not just about what you do for your customers, it also concerns how the service is carried out.

TNT monitors and measures performance to ensure its activities are delivering the strategy. For example, it conducts telephone interviews each week with a sample of customers to review their perceptions of its services and assess levels of customer loyalty.

Delivering results

Since TNT’s strategy of focusing on the customer experience was set up in 2009, it has delivered strong results:

  • TNT has achieved the highest levels of customer satisfaction in its market measured on 31 aspects linked to the Customer Promise.
  • The Customer Promise programme has increased productivity and generated savings overall of almost £660K.
  • The company achieved its targets in 2010 and 2011 despite the difficult economic climate.
  • 100% of new operations employees will have a relevant qualification, making TNT the industry leader.

TNT | Delivering a superior customer experience



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