Launching a new cinema
An UCI Cinemas case study

Page 1: Introduction

Uci Cinemas 3 Image 7 A successful business strategy sets out the long-term direction for an organisation and allows it to respond to the changing business environment in which it operates, as well as the changing needs of its customers. Strategic decisions are not easy to make and there are many courses of action which an organisation can follow. Managers must use their skills, knowledge and experience to evaluate each option carefully before making a strategic decision. This is critical in order to reduce risk and uncertainty.

In 1985, UCI took a strategic decision to be at the forefront of a revolution in cinema-going. UCI wanted to distinguish itself from its competitors – creating offers and benefits for customers which would provide UCI with a unique position in the marketplace.

Today, UCI has more than 30 cinemas nationwide and is the leading multiplex cinema chain in the UK and Ireland. The success of the multiplex concept has meant that UCI managers are committed to maintaining its status as a pre-eminent force in the cinema industry and are actively searching for further development and investment opportunities throughout the world.

UCI Cinemas | Launching a new cinema

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