Hula Hoops - emphasising the core values of the brand
A United Biscuits case study

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Page 2: Product branding

Organisations have to think carefully before introducing any form of brand strategy. A brand comprises a number of features which identify the products of a particular organisation, for example, a name, sign, term, symbol or creative element. It is important to understand how consumers feel about brands as well as other competitive features of markets.

Consumers identify with products in a variety of different ways. In fact branding is a form of product differentiation which communicates quickly and effectively a lot of information about a product range. In marketing a product, it is particularly important that consumers understand what a brand is and what it stands for. When consumers purchase products they are buying specific benefits.

Branding provides consumers with an assurance that they are purchasing a product they like and can rely upon, this helps to develop long-standing decisions by consumers to repeat purchase products. If it is not clear what a brand represents, then consumers may be confused by the product benefits and buy a competitor's product. This case study highlights ways in which KP Foods UK, part of the United Biscuits Group, identified the benefits that consumers seek in their fun snack Hula Hoops by emphasising the core values of the brand.

United Biscuits | Hula Hoops - emphasising the core values of the brand