Building an airline through brand values
A Virgin Atlantic case study

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Page 4: The Branson factor

TVirgin Atlantic 3 Image 5he greatest advert for Virgin is probably Richard Branson. Virgin’s brand values emanate from him. In many ways, Branson is the consumers hero, an entrepreneur operating in a style all of his own. In addition to his status as one of Britain’s most respected businessmen, Richard Branson’s daredevil antics, such as ballooning across the Atlantic, have guaranteed the Virgin brand its fair share of publicity.

It is difficult to identify how brand values relate to such widespread appeal. Many feel that it is because he is a genuine article and not a slick product of a media charm school. For Virgin Atlantic, the PR created through Branson has been an important part of the widespread success of the brand and the values with which consumers can associate. The role of the airline itself has been that of matching the reality of the product with the values created by the image.

According to Richard Branson...

“A brand name that is known internationally for innovation, quality and a sense of fun is what we have always aspired to with Virgin.”

Virgin Atlantic | Building an airline through brand values