Whitbread in the community
A Whitbread case study

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Page 5: Benefits to Whitbread

In assessing Whitbread’s community programmes it is essential to look at the benefits that flow back to the company from such involvement. It is important to bear in mind that every well managed company needs to give priority to its bottom line. After all, it is only by making a sustained long-term profit over a period of time that the company is able to guarantee a good return to shareholders, secure employment opportunities for existing employees, pay an increasing share of taxation, provide quality goods and make key contributions to the community.

The benefits to Whitbread of its CIP can be shown by focusing in particular on one of its programmes i.e. the Whitbread Education Partnership. For Whitbread employees, there are important benefits to be gained from being involved in the Partnership. Individual development and opportunities to improve personal skills are enhanced by participating in community activities. For example, by giving a presentation to a group of school or college students, employees can build their self-confidence and presentation skills, whilst at the same time demonstrating a commitment to the CIP. In addition, being involved in the Partnership improves team building through community programmes where individuals have to work in groups, in order to ensure that projects are concluded satisfactorily.

Other benefits in the areas of marketing, market research and development arise as a result of young people giving their views. For example, recently 8-14 year olds were encouraged, as part of a national competition to create a Beefeater Restaurant Menu for junior diners. Partnership activities also make it possible to enhance the public image of the company and provide substantial public relations opportunities. As in any other organisation involved in such activities, Whitbread maximises the public relations from all activities by using the local and regional press, radio and television, leading to an increased product awareness of Whitbread brands and activities.

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