A customer-centred approach to providing insurance
A Zurich case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

zurich_pier_lake_quer_zsZurich has a well-thought-out and executed strategic plan. This focuses on meeting customer requirements. Zurich seeks to win the loyalty of customers by listening carefully to their needs and requirements.

Zurich has a clear vision – to be the world’s best global insurer. The vision is backed up by a strategy that focuses on serving customers, shareholders and employees. The strategy is underpinned by market research, which helps to determine what customers want.

A series of SMART objectives have been put in place to work towards key strategic goals. In order to deliver the strategy, the company implements various plans and tactics. These are designed to help the company deliver a customer-centric service, to reward shareholders and to recruit high calibre employees.

Ongoing measurement makes it possible to monitor performance against targets. People who buy insurance expect value for money. They want speed of service and expect an insurance company to be reliable and trustworthy. In order to achieve its vision and to enhance its reputation, Zurich seeks to achieve top-level performance in everything it does in relation to serving its customers, employees and shareholders.

Zurich | A customer-centred approach to providing insurance