Providing a customer-centric service
A Zurich case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Differentiating Zurich from rivals involves constantly listening to customers and generating new ideas.  Market research carried out by Zurich indicated that customers want more 'help' with their insurance. This is a prime consideration in choosing an insurance provider. Zurich therefore set out to create a strategy of providing help throughout the organisation.

Market research revealed the types of areas where customers sought help. The development of HelpPoint was the logical way to transform the service. Originally HelpPoint was simply a very useful phone line support service. Research revealed that the concept of HelpPoint could be much broader. In fact, it could include every aspect of helping customers.

All employees within Zurich have been encouraged to come up with good ideas for providing better help. A range of innovations have now been developed, all of which have a customer-centric emphasis. All of these carry the Zurich HelpPoint logo, which has been trademarked.The best examples are included in Zurich”s advertising campaigns. 

Zurich continues to use market research to find out more about customer needs and requirements and launch new ways to help.

Zurich | Providing a customer-centric service