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3 Reasons Why You Should Contact a Lawyer in Case of Sexual Harassment

Silence is one of the most powerful reasons criminals commit more crimes every day. It takes one brave victim to start putting a stop to some crimes against humanity. Unfortunately, there is often too much at stake when a victim speaks. The world can be a cruel place sometimes, but silence is one of the strongest fuels for the world to continue cruel judgments, and for criminals to carry on committing crimes that they get away with. One of the most brutal violations of humanity is sexual harassment. 

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One of the scariest parts about sexual harassment is that society blames the victim more often than not. This is one of the main reasons victims of sexual harassment should always speak up and take all measures possible to put an end to this atrocity. To change how many societies blame the victim of sexual harassment rather than clearly understand how damaging this horrible crime is. The victims should make sure the criminals are put behind bars. This is why in case of sexual harassment, you must contact a lawyer. And make sure the criminal who assaulted you gets the most severe punishment s/he deserves for such an inhumane crime.

1. To Make Sure You Have Legal Support

There is no doubt that sexual harassment is against the law. But one of the most important reasons you need to contact a lawyer is to make sure you have legal support. This will prove you were assaulted. Unfortunately, the law can be complicated when it comes to reaching the verdict that someone is guilty. There are many loopholes that criminals can use in their favour to get away from their crimes. A lawyer has the experience and knowledge to have a counter-argument against the loopholes of the assaulter. This may probably try to use to escape punishment, or falsely prove that they are innocent. Not only that, but they may turn the tables and put you on the stand instead. Do not let that happen to anyone else and get a lawyer’s help.

2. To Help Increase Awareness

It is not that the law does not support victims of sexual harassment. But what if your case is not considered sexual harassment by the law? This is why a lawyer’s opinion is critical to building a case. In that case, your lawyer can actually help prove that this should be considered sexual harassment by the law. The professionals at Schall & Barasch encourage people to speak up. And be a reason more acts of sexual harassment are recognized by the law. Contacting a lawyer and seeking legal help proves your case. As well as helping, to change the law to create a safer environment in the workplace. 

3. To Encourage Others to Speak Up

Let’s take a hypothetical situation; a woman was sexually harassed by a colleague at work. She didn’t speak up for fear of losing her job. Her colleague thought her silence meant she was weak, so he did it again. This time, the woman decided to tell a friend at work. She learns from her friend that this said colleague is known for being a sexual harasser. But no one has proof against him, so no action was taken against him. This means this person has been and continues to, harm his colleagues, as well as make the workplace extremely unsafe. The woman decides to take action, so she hires a lawyer and reports the incident to the management at work. A legal investigation takes place, and people start reporting previous incidents. 

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The point here is that hiring a lawyer opens a case and leads to an investigation. This leads to more people being encouraged to speak up. And stop those who take advantage of other people’s fear of whatever it is that’s stopping them from filing reports. It is also a warning for anyone who thinks they can assault people and get away with it to think twice before they do anything. Also knowing there are severe consequences.

Contacting a lawyer about sexual harassment does not just ensure your safety, but it also guarantees the safety of others who may have failed to win a case against a sexual harasser. Getting legal help makes your case strong. And lets you save hundreds of people from facing any inappropriate behaviour from colleagues. Increase awareness about sexual harassment and contact a lawyer to prove you are a victim of a monstrous crime against humanity. Help put an end to outrageous acts by hiring a lawyer who will help you save yourself and others.

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