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Four reasons to hire a solicitor

Many people are unsure about hiring a solicitor. The high price tag and, sometimes, a reputation of being arrogant and out of touch, puts off some potential customers. However, there are good reasons to consider hiring a solicitor. They have generally been put through intense training in order to qualify, and they have a great deal of knowledge and experience that most members of the public do not have. Read on for our four top reasons to hire a solicitor for your legal work.

Legal training and knowledge

It takes many years to qualify as a solicitor. They tend to have studied for a degree—either a bachelor’s or master’s, or both—in law. This academic stage takes three to five years, or maybe longer. After they’ve graduated, the prospective solicitor enters the training phase, which is usually a year-long course. They must also complete the practical phase, which typically involves two years of working as a trainee solicitor at a reputable law firm. Even once all this training is completed, solicitors need to keep up with continuing professional development each year, or they won’t remain certificated. This level of training and experience is hard to beat.

Peace of mind

A major advantage to hiring a solicitor is that they take care of all your problems. Legal matters are notoriously stressful and trying to deal with it all yourself can take its toll on your mental and physical health. Often, sorting out issues can take a lot of going back and forth, sometimes with unpleasant people or businesses. A solicitor will take all this out of your hands. If you so wish, you no longer have to deal with potentially stressful or confusing communications with other companies and legal firms. Additionally, if you choose the right solicitor, you’ll find them sympathetic and reassuring. Their support alone can enable you to feel more relaxed and empowered during the legal process.

Insurance and complaints

Solicitors work to a code of conduct, which means you should get a great and professional service in the large majority of cases. You can view this code on the Solicitors Regulation Authority website. In the case of something going wrong, all solicitors’ companies have professional indemnity insurance. This means they’re covered if someone makes a complaint against them. If you’ve had a negative experience with a solicitor, and you feel they were negligent, you may wish to look into professional negligence claims against solicitors.

Legal analysis

As discussed above, solicitors go through a long process of training and development to become fully qualified. As well as learning about vital information and procedures, this training also enables their brains to work in a different way. Legal professionals are programmed to spot and analyze legal problems, almost without being aware of it. Rather like some doctors describe a medical intuition, good solicitors have legal intuition. This is hugely helpful both in helping you to resolve your legal matter, but also to avoid any potential pitfalls along the way.

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