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4 essential things to say to your divorce attorney during your first meeting

Lawyers and doctors are those people whom you should tell the truth and only the truth. Representatives of both professions are, to some extent, the arbiters of fate, so in order for your treatment or your legal representation to succeed for you, you should not lie. In no case and under no circumstances. Especially when it comes to divorce.

Yes, there are relatively simple situations where a couple, having reached agreement on all pressing issues, can divorce themselves, without the help of lawyers. To do this, you can start with a service such as onlinedivorcer.com, fill out all the necessary documents yourself, pay the appropriate fees and wait for a court decision. This is the perfect best online divorce option.

However, most often, divorce is a conflict that can only be resolved with the help of a lawyer. In this article, we tell you what you need to tell your best divorce service attorney in order to start a process that will have a chance to end in your favor.

The Real Reason Why Do You Want to Get a Divorce

Remember that you should only tell the truth? It is good that you remember. The first question that the lawyer asks you will be about the real reason for your divorce. This is the foundation of the whole strategy that will be implemented in your defense. Therefore, it is in your interest to name the real reason. If this reason is significant enough (for example, domestic violence, and not just “we stopped loving each other”), then you automatically give your lawyer a significant trump card for your defense.

Even if you just stopped loving each other, it’s better to be honest about this too. Because the unresolved disagreements between you clearly remained, but more on that in the next paragraph.

Everything You Want to Get as the Result

And here you also have to be honest. Even if your requirements are unrealistic or transcendental, then the holes in the law are quite real, and a professional lawyer will help you get everything to the last cent. Therefore, speak directly about what you want to receive. Tell the attorney about your financial expectations and how you see your future life. If you have common savings, or vice versa, common debts, family business, minors, share your honest vision of the situation. In other words, describe your ideal outcome of the divorce proceedings.

All the Ins and Outs of Your Financial Situation

Again, it’s better to tell the whole truth to your lawyer so that your soulmate’s attorney does not use this information against you. To do this, prepare in advance all financial documents that provide information about your salary, payment of taxes, loans and deposits, investments and so on. Based on these data, the lawyer will build your defense strategy and come from real numbers, proving in court why the house should belong only to you and your children, for example.

Everything You Can Tell About Your Spouse

Although probably, by this moment your lawyer already knows a lot of details both about you and about your spouse, it is still worthwhile to dwell on this point in more detail. As they say, always know your enemy in person. Most likely, you already told a lot about your husband or wife, talking about the reason for the divorce, but if you have more additional information, for example, direct evidence of guilt, any photos or videos, witnesses who can confirm your words, financial documents – tell everything you know to the last word.


It is very likely that your lawyer will ask you the necessary questions and offer to immediately fill out the divorce applications form. In this article, we have compiled the four most important things you will need to discuss. Let’s end our conversation on the same note on which we started it – be honest with your lawyer. The more truthful information you provide yourself, the easier it will be to develop a strategy for your defense and convince the court of the validity of your claims. And this means a direct saving of time, and most importantly money, for a divorce.

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