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4 reasons why every programmer should learn javascript

Whether you are learning to program or if you are already a programmer but want to open horizons learning new languages, JavaScript is the language that every programmer should know. Of course, if your idea is to program for the Web, it is essential but, even if you want to program for mobile phones, to automate the operating system, or desktop applications, JavaScript is still a language you should learn, you can choose JavaScript courses at Engineeringk12 with professionals.

Following we are Providing 4 Basic Reasons for JavaScript, why we should Learn?

1. Start Programming

There is nothing to introduce or design, or essentials of any sort, there is no programming language today that is so inside the compass of anybody. All that you have to test for JavaScript code for decipherable perusing.

The fundamentals of language are simple and allow you to write code without complicating. Are you thinking to learn JavaScript like .NET, Ruby on Rails or Java, before you can write the first line of code you have to understand many things: The architecture of the platform and its components, the development tools, conventions of the projects, Object orientation concepts, etc. In JavaScript you can write your first simple program within 2 minutes of starting to study it, approximately.

2. JavaScript is Everywhere

JavaScript Today is Present in Virtually any Field:

  • Operating systems
  • Mobile Development,
  • Internet servers
  • Databases
  • Gaming platforms,
  • System administration, both Linux and Windows

The reach is incredible. If we focus on the web today you can use JavaScript as your only programming language, from the client to the server through the database.

3. Is in High Demand for work

If your goal is to work as a programmer, I think it would be difficult to choose any other language that offers the same possibilities as JavaScript. The web programmer position is one of the most demanded in the job market and you cannot be a web programmer without mastering JavaScript.

JavaScript and related technologies (jQuery, HTML and CSS …) is among the most demanded languages ​​by companies. If you are going to be a front-end developer (translates the visual interfaces, that is, works them in code), only with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery can you develop a professional career.

4. Some JavaScript Points

If you are (or pretend to be) a professional programmer, it would be very strange if you don’t have to use JavaScript at some point.

Internet is already part of everything, and unless you dedicate yourself to creating drivers or something similar at a very low level, sooner or later you will have to do something that involves the Network. And that implies JavaScript. Even if you are not a web programmer or want to be. What do you have to use an API to communicate with a service? JavaScript. An elite and versatile NoSQL database? JavaScript. A multiplatform versatile form made in a brief timeframe of your administration application? more likely than not JavaScript.

If you are starting in the world of JavaScript programming, it is surely the best way to enter and evolve from it and if you already work professionally in programming, learning JavaScript will be useful because sooner or later you will need it and you can take advantage of it To its versatility, if you want to be a great JavaScript professional, it would be ideal if you signed up JavaScript courses at Engineeringk12.

You can become an expert in this programming language, it will be very easy to add an impressive layer of animation and interactivity to your website or app, being able to make your website created in HTML + CSS becomes much more dynamic and with functionality that looks without having to reload the page, how to correct forms instantly or even create 3D animations in the same browser.

If you have an interest in learning about web development, look at JavaScript courses at Engineeringk12.

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