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4 steps to nailing a successful engagement strategy for your brand on Instagram

Go to any social media marketer and they’ll tell you the same thing. It’s as if it’s been fed into their systems: Engage with your audience. Talk to them. Interact with them in a real-time environment. Grind your teeth all you want, but they are right.Interacting with your friends or followers is relatively painless for an individual –in fact, its fun! However, when it comes to brands, creating a winning Instagram marketing campaign can become a challenge; mainly because a successful engagement is not possible to achieve through campaigns in the first place. That’s why most of the Instagrammers prefer to buy Instagram likes to increase their engagement ratio.

While this whole process of engaging may seem nice and rosy, most brands fall short in the actual execution. Here are 4 easy-to-implement steps to building a smooth, real-time relationship with your audience:

Be visible

Respond timely to your fans’ comments, even if they are negative. Even better, like their comments instantly. Create conversations using hashtags and invite people to join you. Remember, your goal is to get more people; a bigger audience. While promoting your Instagram account is a good way, by simply being there can do wonders to gain you greater visibility. More the people click on your Instagram account or join your conversations, the higher your search ranking goes up; and hence, the greater the traffic. The formula is as simple as that.

Make your fans feel special

Imagine your joy if your favorite brands comment one of your post (not necessarily about them). You may not even be a popular brand; but this activity can make you one with your audience; also maximizing your exposure with people outside your network. Sometimes, you’ll need to grab the attention of some popular users having a pool of followers and friends. Sending them direct messages might not even be enough. Hence, you’ll have to go an extra mile and do background research on what they like or dislike (which is most apparent in their blog posts) and throw in a nice, useful comment that is bound to seize their interest.

Go with the trend

Don’t rant on about tennis when all others can talk about is soccer. Watch out the trending topics on Instagram and see what’s new on social aggregator sites like Reddit and Digg. For repeat visitors to your Instagram account, you’ll need to write the most upbeat and trendy caption that is gaining popularity with people. Go with the flow and people will start linking to you. The more clicks you have, the better.

Build your community

This should be your ultimate objective for a successful engagement with your audience. A community is more than simply responding to customers’ queries or complaints. A place where you can discuss various growth possibilities for your brand and discuss new ideas becomes your community.

A blend of all of the above steps would eventually result in your brand community and hence, a successful engagement ‘campaign’ by the end of the day.

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