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How to Increase your Visibility on Twitch

Twitch users are currently pegged at around 140million as of June 2020, with over 15million daily viewers. Twitch is an online platform that specializes in live streaming of video games, music, reality shows and many other different topics. There are currently over 3.8million active Twitch streamers. Established in 2011, the platform has grown quite significantly especially after its acquisition by Amazon in 2014. This growth has resulted in increased viewership and has also seen a lot of gamers and other professionals taking their careers to the next level. Using Twitch can make cash through affiliate links, ad sales and various sponsorships coming from big gaming companies.

Just like with any other social media platform, it is important to increase your Twitch visibility. Your success in making money on Twitch is determined by the number of views that you get. Whether you are a professional esports player or an aspiring musician, you have to put some real serious work in order to make it on this platform. Getting a lot of views can be difficult if you don’t have a proper strategy. You can buy Twitch Followers from SocialWick as a starting point but you still need to work on building a more powerful Twitch presence. We will discuss five things you can do to increase your Twitch visibility.

  1. Engage Interact and Influence

You can never go wrong with these three. In fact, it must be emphasized here that your success in online business is centered on engaging with your followers/customers, consistent interaction with them and the ability to influence followers. This is also 100% true when it comes to Twitch. Take advantage of your streaming sessions by engaging with your viewers. You want to keep your audience hooked. Whilst it may be hard to play stream and chat simultaneously, you will have to learn the skill. Learn to talk whilst you are playing your games, or even thinking aloud. This is definitely a good way of interacting with viewers and followers. This strategy will definitely result in an increased following. 

  1. Choose the Game you Are Good At

Making it on Twitch is not simply about playing the most popular games but it should be selecting or concentrating on the game that you are good at. In order to pull in the crowds, and attract more followers and viewers, it is no secret that you have to be a real pro. Viewers are only interested in watching players who have unique talent. You do not want to come across as a novice. Do you?

  1. Allow Yourself to Hosted

A good way to increase your viewership and followers is by partnering with other popular channels that have more viewers than yours. Being hosted on another channel means accessing their followers and subscribers. Sharing and exchanging streams is a good way of increasing your Twitch visibility without putting too much effort. Of course, as previously mentioned, you can also buy Twitch Followers from SocialWick.

  1. Promote your Streams on Other Social Media Platforms

You can promote your skill on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to improve your Twitch online presence. This allows you to reach and target a wider audience, thus increasing viewership on your Twitch page. The different social platforms will also allow you to interact with your followers on a social level. Social interaction with followers will breed brand loyalty. 

  1. Consistency Breeds Brand Loyalty

If you want your followers to take you seriously, you need to be consistent in your streaming career. It is your duty to make your followers and viewers believe in your brand. Develop a schedule that you can share with viewers in advance. Being organized and disciplined is a must for anyone looking to increase their Twitch visibility.

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