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5 Best employee time tracking app for lawyers and attorneys

Time once lost is never gained back. Every business revolves around the clock to build their place in the market. 

While this situation is tough to track every time, you can automate the process. In short, an employee time tracking app saves your employees and business from making blunders that involve time. 

Particularly, Attorney time tracking tools facilitate timekeeping and accounting every second of the work time. Interestingly, it is a part of the syllabus in law practice management. 

Here is the list of five best employee time tracking apps exclusively functions for lawyers and attorneys.

  • actiTIME

Accuracy in invoicing and time records is humanly impractical, which is why actiTIME supports as a best work management tool. It calculates billable hours, hourly rates specific to every employee, and transfers receipts to invoices.

Even though the desktop version offers a mobile entry, a mobile version is ideal for automated employee time tracking smoothly. 

Even you can turn off the features you won’t require; thus, working with the customized dashboard improves the performance level. 

Further, you will get billing summaries for each client so that it is convenient to prepare an invoice even with mobile use in minutes. It works best for solo practitioners. Get actiTIME for pricing plan at $5. 

  • AccountSight

Every professional prefers fluid and dynamic software. Indeed, AccountSight offers customizable templates and plugins to smoothen the employee time tracking and billing. 

It offers expense tracking, invoicing via QuickBooks integration, and Paypal. Besides, this batch processes the timesheet to cut down your time and effort.

If you have a startup law firm, then this is ideal for your 20-100 employees. 

Additionally, it offers free service for one user that permits up to three projects and three clients at a time. You will get access to AccountSight at $10. 

  • TimeCamp

TimeCamp works with a unique formula that combines time tracking, billing, and invoicing features. 

It is famous for its reporting and analytics. Suppose you work for 10 hours a day, at the end of the week, and you will get graphical views in five different forms. 

Even you can get data on time spent on documents, thus analyzing your productivity. Also, TimeCamp sets tracking of employee attendance and absence alongside their holidays.

Meanwhile, it integrates with popular applications like Slack and Xero. Ideally, the pricing starts from $5.25. 

  • TimeSolv

TimeSolv is an employee time tracking app preferred explicitly by many firms for its multi-functional facilities. 

Some of them are conflict management, trust accounting, LEDES billing, client portal management.

As a lawyer, you can customize the invoices with the available flexible templates, and eventually, you can send them in the mail and get paid faster and on time. 

You can still predict the expenses with a stipulated budget. Intriguingly, it produces 20 different types of reports that simplify your work.

  • Jibble

A small scale law firm often faces budget constraints. That is why you can manage the attendance and time tracking with Jibble, an employee time tracking software, at ease. 

This cloud-based timesheet system monitors team productivity closely. The bird eye’s view of this software gives a perspective on who is working on a particular task.

Moreover, Jibble provides a complete picture of employers’ efficiency. It is available at the minimum pricing model in the market of about $1.50 with a varied range of features.


These are some of the great options for lawyers and attorneys. Substantially, making the effective use of the features maximizes the results. So, choose the employee time tracking app that is suitable for your needs. 

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