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Here’s Why You Should Shift to Employee Time Software

If you’re tired of collecting employee timecards every end-month and spending considerable hours totaling punches, perhaps it’s time you considered employee time clock software. While some businesses are still adopting outdated methods like punch machines and paper timecards to track employee attendance, modern solutions exist if you want to save money and time.

Time clock solutions can help you manage and track employees efficiently. The software allows employees to punch out and punch in using biometric devices and mobile apps. If you’re still uncertain about whether to invest in the software, these benefits will convince you otherwise.


Paper timecards take considerable time to manage depending on the number of hourly workers you have. It’s neither easy nor effective to collect and total timecards while computing overtime manually end-month.

Furthermore, you might find yourself following up with many workers because of illegible handwriting; this is considerable time wastage. You would rather spend that time focusing on business growth. Employee tracking software can decrease the administrative burden of payroll preparation considerably by reporting and totaling employee hours.

With software, your employees will simply punch out and in on mobile devices or computers, allowing you to calculate payroll hours at the click of a button at your convenience.

Eradicate Buddy Punching The development of this term arose to describe a worker clocking in for a fellow employee. This isn’t just illegal. It has resulted in companies losing millions. When using tracking software through a mobile app, employees can only sign for themselves, thereby preventing the likelihood of them clocking in for other workers, leading to erroneous records.

Some solutions in the market even implement methods such as face capture, which serves as a signature of the worker clocking in.

Enhanced Accuracy

Manual timekeeping expects workers to report the hours they’ve worker daily. Unfortunately, this could result in erroneous time tracking. Additionally, manual processes could generate additional issues, for instance, fraud or illegible handwriting.

Automated employee time clock software could decrease the number of errors and chances for time theft. Attendance software helps employees track their time easily online via a mobile device or from a biometric or electronic clock. In turn, the data gathered reflects in the software in real-time.

Assess Team Workflow

A common misconception about tracking software is that it simply clocks the end and start of a workday. However, one benefit is that it can monitor user activity, all the meetings, as well as feedback sessions that occur in between. Consequently, it offers the opportunity to evaluate team workflow while watching out for gaps. For instance, you might discover that a task took longer than it should have to complete. In this case, you’ll want to establish the cause.

Streamline Payroll

The conventional payroll procedure entails considerable manual data input. You’ll need to gather time cards for all employees from all departments and then compute the amount they’ve earned depending on their pay rate. Tracking apps handle this process on your behalf. You’ll just include employee information such as the hourly rate and the system will handle the rest.

Maintain Top Performers

Staffers recognize the amount of time they’ve spent working and their accomplishments throughout that period. Consequently, they’ll be inspired to enhance workplace performance.

They further value the fact that tracking software gives credit where it’s due. For instance, there’s no need to worry about the lack of payment for overtime or a human error affecting their paycheck negatively. After all, they have visual reports to examine and validate work hours. In turn, you’ll maintain top performers and decrease training fees for new hires.

Enhanced Productivity

Processing payroll manually for an entire company can be very tedious. If one person is responsible for this task, it could take numerous hours to accomplish. Attendance software decreases the duration it takes to process the payroll considerably. This means you could reduce the time from hours to minutes.

Automating this process ensures you have everything in the same place. This enables automatic data transfer to your payroll for processing while eliminating the re-entry of manual data. The outcome is precise processing that could take as few as 20 minutes per payment period. Decreasing the duration it takes to process company payroll and increasing data accuracy can generate increased productivity.

Obtain Financial Oversight

Tracking apps offer an overview of the amount you’re spending on HR versus the amount you’re generating through customer invoices. Moreover, you obtain a better picture of individual contributions and their effect on your bottom line.

Managing employee attendance and time can be tedious, but it shouldn’t be. Attendance software eradicates the frustrations that accompany manual processes while automating your system. If you haven’t made the switch, consider these benefits to your business.

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