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5 key concepts of cloud computing you should know

Everywhere in the world of business, there is a conversation about cloud computing. Everyone is suddenly on the bandwagon. But what does this mean for your business and what are some key concepts that you should know. From applications to storage and processing of power, cloud computing refers to the on-demand computing services.

One advantage of using it is that firms can avoid the complexity and the upfront cost of owning and maintaining their own IT infrastructure and instead just pay for what they use when they use it. Read through to learn about the key concepts of cloud computing.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Typically presented in the form of virtualization, this is a computer infrastructure service within the concept of cloud hosting. It provides users with virtualized servers, storage, and networks through a self-service center. This means, as a user, you have the flexibility to many aspects of your environment but you must also support the middleware, operating system, software, and data. When a business purchases the IaaS they replace their physical IT assets with the cloud. This means the vendor will manage the hardware while the business manages everything else that runs on top of it.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

This refers to an integrated platform for deployment, development, support, and testing web applications. The PaaS platform is presented as a service based on the concept of cloud hosting. Although it offers a higher level of service to the users, it has a less choice about the underlying platform. It provides both the infrastructure and the tools needed to run software solutions. For instance, it may offer you operating systems such as windows or databases. While the vendor manages the infrastructure and the platform, the business manages the applications and the data that employ the platform. This allows the business to remain the owner of the solutions without worrying about the hardware and the platform they run on.

SaaS (Software as a Service

This is the business model of a software license which entails the support and development of the software vendor. As a customer, you also have the opportunity of paid use through the internet. Essentially, it outsources everything to the vendor including the infrastructure, the software and the platform. Since the vendor provides the same software to you and other businesses, it’s typically hard to customize the software hence you must make do with what’s being offered. However, some SaaS products have several pre-configured options that a customer can select to customize it. Examples of SaaS that many people are familiar with include Dropbox, Gmail, and Microsoft Office 365. Those who can take the cloud computing courses know that it is one of the key components of cloud computing and how important it can be as an element.

DaaS(Desktop as a Service

As another business license model, DaaS is a slightly improved model of SaaS that involves the use of multiple services at the same time to accomplish work. DaaS functionality relies on the virtual desktop which is a dedicated machine or user-controlled session that transforms on-demand cloud services for organizations and users around the world.

Data as a Service and Everything as a Service

These concepts show that through the Worldwide Web, using Cloud Hosting can meet any requirements when it comes to the processing of information. This is perhaps the main advantage of cloud computing hosting in the IT kind of business solutions.


There are several concepts of cloud computing and the domain is expanding very quickly with each passing day. Professionals planning to pursue their career in the field should be well prepared to keep themselves updated with the latest inventions in the field. Take online courses from Udemy if you cannot spend enough time to go for a regular course. Preparation will need efforts so make sure you study in-depth even if you have considered online class takers for help. The great thing about it is that it can help companies to remain competitive while reining in the IT costs.

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