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The Beginner’s Guide to AWS

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

The modern world of technology provides opportunities for humanity to work together like no other time in history. Advancements in transportation, medical technology, communication, and more have incredibly advanced society. Commerce and business-related fields look significantly different today thanks to the rise and prominence of the internet and digital platforms. 

The world continues to change and grow with technological advancements in exciting and meaningful ways. Behind all of this advancement is the rise and availability of the internet. The internet has allowed the digital age to become a reality in a way that constantly redefines human experiences, from finding cookie recipes and two-day shipping to how businesses experience their start-up years. 

To have all this advancement and change, there needs to be a foundation or a service that provides the infrastructure for all this growth to happen. AWS is one of the world’s most extensive web services that act as a platform for countless businesses and projects to run. If you have been wondering what AWS is, here is everything you need to know. 

What Exactly is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Service, a cloud platform with over 200 features that can be used for many reasons. Operating from data centres globally, this is not only the world’s largest cloud platform but the most popularly adopted platform. This means that no other cloud service in the world is more actively built off of it, from start-ups to enterprise-sized companies to government agencies.

What Makes AWS Special?

Amazon Web Service is huge, and not only is it the most significant cloud platform in the world, but it is the most widely used. But why is it so popular and what do millions of people across the globe use it? This service is popular for everything from well-established brands to fast-growing startups and everything in between. 

To understand why it’s so popular, you must understand what a cloud platform is and what Amazon’s version of this service offers. A cloud platform provides access to computer resources that can be accessed on-demand. This primarily involves access to resources like data storage and computing power and represents a network that can handle particular workload sizes. One of the reasons that Amason’s cloud platform is so popular is its sheer size. AWS is the largest cloud platform, meaning it has some of the best access to cloud platform resources.

Not only AWS, but they offer over 200 fully realized features within their cloud platform. This is a big draw for why AWS is popular. It offers storage and computing power. However, it also provides access to emerging technologies, allowing companies to explore artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Its sheer scope and access to data lakes make it an excellent tool for growing a business’s analytical power. The access and sheer scope of what Amazon’s cloud platform offers also make it one of the most affordable options for companies who need the ability to scale seamlessly. 

How Much Does AWS Cost?

AWS is so popular because its costs are effective and fair. The service charges you per usage, meaning you only pay for what you use. This means that it’s essential to understand how much a company is spending on its AWS costs. 

Amazon offers a native tool called the AWS cost explorer that can give you detailed reports regarding this information. The only problem is that these reports can sometimes be inaccessible because of their technical nature. This can prove problematic as it may cause a barrier for department heads who can step into their AWS costs in meaningful ways not to understand how they could potentially fix unnecessary spending. 


This is why finding ways to make AWS monitoring simple can help push companies forward in their AWS costs and help them experience actual savings. Easy-to-understand reports allowing department heads to make informed decisions regarding AWS costs is not something your business has to go without. With the right tools, you can find AWS cost monitoring that is simple, effective, powerful, and will deliver the kind of results you are looking for. 

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