5 reasons why your facebook lead generation campaign is failing


With ~1.6 bn daily active users, Facebook offers businesses access to every kind of target audience. Facebook is a great way for businesses to reach out to new customers, learn more about their target segment and to create a community for their brand or product. Not surprising then that Facebook advertising is among the most sought after marketing skills among freelance professionals today.

However, there are some basic mistakes that can cause your Facebook Lead Generation campaign to underperform, leading to poor ROI and sub-optimal use of your marketing budget.

Incorrect objectives

Being a social media platform, Facebook users do not log in with the express intent to make a purchase or sign up for a service. Hence, if a business is looking for immediate or high intent to order customers, it may be better placed trying to place a Google Ad.

A Facebook Ad on the other hand is a great way to get higher reach for your product and build a relationship among a very specific set of Facebook users, who are your core target segment and build interest for the product. This awareness will over time lead to sign-ups/ orders.

In other words, you should have a solid lead nurturing strategy to convert your Facebook leads into paying customers.

Poor targeting

The biggest advantage of using Facebook Ads is the granular targeting options that it  provides. Many businesses use only the most generic demographic attributes like age, location, gender etc. to target their offerings. This leads to their ads being shown to a broad base of users for whom the offering may be completely irrelevant.

A good idea would be to use the “Lookalike” feature on Facebook Ads, where you can build a segment of users who are most similar to your current customers and showcase your ads exclusively for them.

If you are looking for a simpler targeting mechanism, it may make better business sense to use Facebook sponsored posts initially and move to Facebook Ads once you have learned more about user targeting.

Focusing on the wrong success metrics

CPC and conversion may not be the right success metrics for every campaign. More nuanced metrics like Customer Lifetime Value and Earnings per Click, Earnings per Lead may be better suited for certain campaigns. Many times several good campaigns are declared unsuccessful since the success metrics were not well thought through.

Using static content

Given the plethora of posts on a user’s feed, it is extremely important to make sure the ad is interesting enough to grab and hold the user’s attention. Hence, using a video or a gif animation makes more sense than a simple static image ad. While videos help in better engagement, it is important to keep abreast of Facebook’s evolving algorithms to ensure your ad gets the best placement.

Not using A/B tests

There are several minute details that can contribute to the success of your Facebook Ad campaign - right from the image, copy color and logo placement to the placement and wording of the CTA. A slight tweak to any of these details can result in a significant improvement or reduction in ROI. Hence, all businesses must use the A/B tests to identify the best ads that give them the maximum value for money.

Facebook is a great and cost-effective way for your business to generate quality leads. A well thought out campaign that follows best practices and timely intervention and course correction will ensure the success of your Facebook Lead generation campaign.