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How to compliment your social strategy with custom stickers

2021 is here, and we hope you have big growth plans in the works.

Is social playing a part of this? Is your brand big on social media?

According to Smart Insights, only 53% of marketers say they see a return on investment from organic social media marketing. 

Compare that to a 15X ROI Harvard Business Review reported in a referral campaign for a phone company.

We want to give you some ideas of complimenting your social media marketing with something you may not have thought of: custom stickers.

When we talk about stickers, we mean custom printed stickers, not the digital stickers you get on your phone to use on Whatsapp.

Real, printed stickers look like this:

Baring in mind the 15X ROI mentioned above, we’ll focus on how you can use custom stickers a tool to increase your referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations from your brands biggest advocates – your customers!

To start, we recommend giving away stickers as gifts.

Stickers are a brilliant tool to help market your business, regardless of your size, because of their low cost and that they’re not always perceived to be advertising. If you give people a sticker in the right context, most will see it as a gift.

Giving gifts is a proven tactic to improve sales due to the rule of reciprocity in social psychology.

Why not try a direct mail campaign to your top 20% of customers, including a premium, holographic sticker? You could try a hand-signed, personal letter from your founder saying thank you for being an excellent customer. 

Your brand advocates will stick your label to their laptop or phone, and suddenly they’re walking advert, exposing others’ to your brand.

Another idea is to include custom branded stickers with all orders.

Because stickers are low cost, adding them to your product packaging is a no brainer. There are good reasons brands like Apple include stickers with their products.

Consumers are highly likely to buy based on word of mouth recommendations. Google has done lots of research and says there are 3+ billion mentions of brands per day & 90+% of these mentions occur offline. Adding stickers to all your orders can help to boost this into overdrive!

And finally, why not give away stickers to influencers in your market?

Again, this can be low cost and get you colossal coverage! Suppose you position the sticker as a gift and throw in some company merch. In that case, we’re sure you’ll see some Instagram stories thanking you & getting your brand out there to 1000s of potential customers. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas. If you have any more creative uses, we’d love to hear about them in the comments below. 

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