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Uses for Infographics in Digital Marketing Campaigns

Infographics go viral! It is 2021 & businesses of all scales are leveraging digital marketing backed by infographics to establish a compelling, attention-grabbing & trustworthy online presence. With a climbing rate of 70% digital marketing is becoming the norm in valuable strategies for companies. That’s why it is essential that you hire a reputable digital marketing agency such as Zoma to implement infographics into your campaign correctly and effectively. 

Infographics in digital marketing campaigns are one smart way to engage your audience, boost your marketing ideas, deliver your content, all at the same time. Since most of the information coming to the human brain is in visual form, including infographics into digital marketing strategies can help brands become memorable, achieve a wide audience coverage, increase traffic & build robust brand awareness in no time.

Blending Infographics Into Digital Marketing Campaigns

In a world where a majority of brands are churning out generic content to achieve higher visibility, infographics are helping businesses achieve unprecedented reach and cover a wide variety of topics simultaneously. Today, over 86% of businesses are using some form of infographics in their marketing strategies. 

Be it PowerPoint infographics, Timeline infographics, Geographic infographics, or Statistical infographics, infographics are helping brands empower their marketing campaigns, enhance their brand awareness & achieve a superior edge. 

Let’s move ahead and explore five ways through which we can incorporate infographics into digital marketing campaigns.

  1. Spice Up The Blogs:

Digital Marketers can craft engaging and interactive pieces of content by including infographics. The practice helps you significantly with lead generation. Infographics are persuasive, eye-catching, easy-to-read, understood, and remembered. One should understand that audiences don’t like to read information, especially statistics, right from the text. Including captivating infographics in your blogs can help you generate more visitors to your website.

You can boost your content strategy manifolds with infographics as the human brain processes visuals better & faster than text. Not just that, infographics create a better understanding of the subject matter, are easily shareable across channels, and have a tendency to go viral. It is the innovative infographic ideas in your content strategy that holds the potential to get your brand recognized.

  1. Video Infographics:

With 4-billion video browses every day just on YouTube, video marketing is taking over the digital arena with a boom. Today over 60% of businesses are leveraging video marketing for promoting brand, service, product & building customer rapport. Infographics blended with video marketing efforts can take brands to new heights since these can help brands reach more customers than ever. 

Having video infographics on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest can reach a vast number of people. With infographics, you can also revamp and reinforce your targeted marketing strategies! You can effectively target potential customer segments through customized video infographics. Thus, you can generate new leads and interest in your brand, product, or service on the move.

  1. Revamp Email Newsletters:

Do you know how many emails and promotions an average customer receives every day? More than 100! Now how can your email break through all that clutter and grab your prospect’s attention? It’s through beautiful, engaging & valuable infographics! Brands can make bland emails much more appealing through infographics and engage with their target audience.

Digital marketers must understand that email readers don’t like to stare at random text on their computer screen! People pay more attention to the content that features information-carrying images. Beautiful and balanced infographics tend to generate more engagement as they demand less time and energy to be understood. Infographics in email newsletters position you as an expert on a subject.

  1. User-friendly Information Guides:

Often people struggle to understand technical guides such as code documentation, release notes, product/service guide, and more! Infographics bring aboard a medium to communicate information that makes it easy for the reader to comprehend the gist of the content. Including information-packed images within technical guides can serve as an aid for people buying your products and services.

The infographics can feature granular level details about the product and make prospects understand the same without difficulties. You may include details like- What constitutes the product? What is the service’s significance? Product disclaimers and other relevant information in your documentation infographics.

  1. Standalone Social Media Items:

What’s common in Nike, Coca-Cola, Skype, or LinkedIn? They all leverage infographics to engage with the audience on their social handles. For any digital marketing strategy the end goal is to come up with interactive, and shareable social media content. Brands across the world are leveraging skillfully designed infographics to communicate with prospects.

Customers on social media are consuming valuable information almost daily! Over 73% of brands are posting at least one video or photo per week. Brands can create informative infographics and achieve high shares and mentions on social media. Topics such as healthcare, financial advice, product/service information, pets, or food all tend to go viral with the right infographic.

Wrapping It Up:

Now that we know how amazing infographics are, it’s time you try out the above-mentioned infographic uses to promote your brand and ideas. You can create infographics from scratch, or you can also get ready to use infographics from SlideModel.com. Be it PowerPoint, Video, or Standalone, infographics contribute a unique value to your marketing plan and help you capture the interest of the audience like never before!

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