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5 seo tips for universities and colleges

Do you want to increase the number of new course applicants at your college? Over the years, many universities and colleges have been experiencing a decline in new students. Shifts in marketing techniques left them in the dark, unsure over the right strategy to attract learners.

However, learning institutions that embrace SEO have had the upper hand getting new students. 87% of youth use the internet in studies and in searching what interests them. Meaning, the right way to market your college and programs is by using a channel student prefer.

We have five tips that can help your university or college, exploit SEO potential, and increase new learners’ intake. Visit Edufficient site to read more about SEO for education institutes.  

1. Conduct SEO Audit

SEO audit is a process that will help you trace the problems affecting organic search performance. The method tracks users experience problems such as load times, content gaps, content opportunities, and website structure problems.

SEO audit summarizes your current SEO performance and shows how issues are affecting your content and page goals.

You can use tools such as SEMrush, Deep Crawl, Ahrefs to track measurements on a range of SEO ranking factors.

2. Quality and Unique Content

Before creating any new content, analyze your current pages and courses, and assess which perform better. Analyze what information the top pages and leading content contain and what keywords they use.

Target to create more engaging and shareable content, better than your best-performing pages. Your goal is also to beat keyword competitors, so you must ensure your pages content answers users’ search query.

3. Mobile Optimization

Soon, Google will use mobile-first indexing to rank pages and websites. Meaning, your website must be mobile-friendly and load fast if you expect to gain quick results for your school.

Today, many internet users use mobile phones to do online searches. There are over 5.11 billion mobile users in the world. So, even the people searching for courses or schools are mobile users. 

4. Solve Page Load Speeds

Loading speeds influence conversions. The faster the loading speeds, the more users can stay and interact with schools’ content. Google also takes into account page loading speeds to rank websites.

You can use free tools such as test my site to test your website’s loading speed. The tool gives you feedback and recommendations that you can implement for better rates.

5. Always Track SEO Through Analytics

SEO influences your website performance a lot. Meaning, you need to stay updated on how the various parameters are performing. 

Analytics help you measure organic traffic’s response to calls of action. You can set analytics goals to track how organic traffic performs based on the goals. 

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