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5 tips to produce a finance case study that teaches and impresses

When it comes to learning, the best technique to apply is that which gets the students to be openly excited and actively play a role in their learning. Most students tend to do better when there is inductive learning where they get to learn through examples. These are what we commonly refer to as case studies.

In the world of finance, the use of case studies is prevalent and highly popular. A case study can be designed to help students to understand the simplest to the most complex concepts. It is important to develop a case study that will leave a lasting impression on your students. The essence of doing this is that by giving them that wow factor, you will be able to help them remember the concept for the long term. In this article, we will highlight five things you can pay attention to produce a finance case study that both teachers and impresses.

Invest in making it personal

When it comes to the use of case studies, one of the ways to make them effective is by targeting the emotions of the audience. Most people practice normative economics where decisions are made based on emotions. It goes a long way in ensuring that you connect with your audience. It also helps in shifting their assessment of the case study since it ceases to be a general problem to one which is personal. Once that happens, your audience becomes fully invested in coming up with the solution you seek. Everyone becomes an active participant. Having a financial case study that involves the emotions of the audience is a good way to get people invested in the issue at hand, even when outside the classroom. It proves as a very instrumental tool especially when it comes to case studies that involve navigating risks.

Be clear about your business needs

As with any financial case, it is important to have a well-outlined business strategy on how you plan to achieve your goals. Are you trying to push for a long-term or short-term investment? Is your aim to cut on financial costs? One of the core items in your strategy should be on what your business needs. If you’re seeking to fund, what is the valuation of your business? Structuring everything else around this helps you to be able to merge all your business activities around meeting this one need. That means that in essence, all the business is seeking to do is meet the highlighted need. It goes a long way in providing clarity of vision in your business which helps to ensure that everyone is achieving the same goal. Having an outlined need in your financial plan is a definite way to get your message across and to impress any stakeholders.

Be keen on your audience

When coming up with a finance case study, it is crucial first to identify who your audience is. Doing this is important since it helps you to be in a position where you can identify which needs they would like met and how you can go about it. For example, if you’re looking to have to back for a new strategy you want to implement, be sure to highlight how it will help in raising the profits of the company and how it will set you aside from your competitors. By ensuring that your finance case is one which your target audience identifies with, you will be better placed to achieve the results you had set out to achieve. When tailoring your fiancé case to meet the needs of your audience, be keen to ensure that you instill the sense of co-ownership and co-creation in them. Doing so helps them to feel like they are part of the process, hence leaving a long lasting impression on them. You may see a good example of such a case here.

Involve everyone

When coming up with a business case, it is important to ensure that you make it as involving as possible. When making financial decisions, especially those involving SMEs or on a corporate level, teamwork is inevitable. For example, a team member can be good in working with spreadsheets while another may be good at coming up with balance sheets. The two can work together to ensure the company records are backed up on the computer. Another example is when different teams in an organization, for example, the marketing department and accounting department work together to raise company profits. If you need help in drafting the case, some writer’s help online is the best option, like https://domycasestudy.com/.

To achieve this, you can do two things. One, you can structure your finance case to be a decisive one. What that means is that your business case aims to have people make a decision rather than describing something. Given that there are many decisions for one case, this plays a role in helping everyone play an active role. Secondly, you can structure your case study to encourage your audience to take a stand on an issue and then come up with a strategy and line of thought to defend their stand. Any of the two approaches can be used to ensure that you have active participants in your business case which essentially ensures that your finance case lingers on long after being used.

Make it objective

For every case study, you formulate, ensure that each has an objective it looks to meet. For example, if you’re looking to teach your students about business ethics, ensure that you mold your test case in a way which so that you meet your objective. Topics you can choose to focus on include but are not limited to accounts, assets, cash flow, budgeting, financial risk, product lifecycle, communication, branding, corporate responsibility, swot analysis, supply chain. Ensuring that your finance case is objective helps you to model it straightforwardly, without using any verbose language or jargon. Ensuring that your finance study always ensures that your audience keeps focussing on the task at hand and arrives at the intended conclusions without having any deviations.


When it comes to financing case studies, it is important to realize that they will be around for use for years to come. That means that it is essential for you to horn your skills on how to develop them and to do so effectively. A good case study helps you to not only realize your competitive advantage in the market but also to realize the business opportunities available to you. They are essential both in the classroom and when making a business presentation. As stated earlier, be sure to tailor your case study to meet the needs of your audience at all times. The above tips will act as a great guide to anyone who is keen on coming up with awesome case studies.

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