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5 Types of sales promotions that work for small businesses

5 Types of sales promotions
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Small business owners are always on the beacon for cost-effective means to get customers in the door. Sales promotion strategy has been used for decades to great success, and no matter what the size of your business or field, there are sales promotion tips and techniques that can help you. Running sales promotions creates urgency and excitement for specific services or products like the lights of Energy casino. Successful business owners know that sales promotions are among the most effective methods of increasing sales and building customer satisfaction. We’ve put together a list of 5 popular sales promos for small businesses to help steer you in the right direction.

Limited Time Offer

Warning of limited availability is a great way to trigger immediate action. Limited-time offers to move popular or high-ticket items quickly.  For instance, electronics merchant offer promotions when they release a new product to create interest and new product exposure in the market. Car dealerships have year-end close-out sales. A merchant that sells children’s toys might have a fall clearance sale. Even the food industry offers limited-time promotions such as seasonal drinks or exotic meals. Limited-time offers are fashioned to get consumers to move quickly before the promotion ends.

Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards are a reward system in which customers earn points for buying certain goods or shopping at a certain merchant that can later be exchanged for goods, money or other offers. Loyalty cards have become an important form of sales promotion in recent times. They encourage the customer to return to the merchant by giving them discounts based on their previous sendings. Loyalty cards can offset the discounts they offer by making more sales and persuading the customer to come back. They also provide detailed information about the shopping habits of customers like where they shop, when and what they buy. This is an invaluable marketing research and can be further used in the planning process for existing and new products.

Bundle Sale

A bundle sale enables you to club multiple products and services together for a single price, thereby creating the appearance of value. In most cases, clubbed products or services are sold for less than it would cost to purchase the individual parts. Their times when potential customers visiting your store want to buy, but feel guilty because of the price. Giving them a discount if they spend more, may just give them a little shove in the right direction. Clubbed products can also be used to sell complementary services to customers who wouldn’t think to purchase them separately.

Free Samples                                        

By providing samples to all customers in the store, regardless of whether they purchase something, they encourage customers to buy products they may not have considered before. If you’re promoting a new face product, let people try it out! People like something they can try before buying.

Holiday Promotions

There is a reason that holiday promotions are so successful. Customers always like to spend more around the holidays, making it the perfect opportunity for you to get your brand out there and sell more products.

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