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Pitfalls and advantages of ethical communication

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Online communication content is a constant headache for any brand, which has to juggle endless complexities in order to finally find the right ingredients with which to strengthen its image, its reputation, while never disappointing the expectations of a highly demanding audience. The first is that the content, by its very nature, must be addressed to a specific target or type of user, and must therefore possess certain structural and lexical characteristics that are well adapted to the tastes of its audience.

The second is that content must not be considered a mere filler, a jumble of graphic and textual elements with which to fill the void of one’s pages. This belief is not only erroneous but actually runs the risk of altering the online communication strategy with content that is completely ineffective, whose primary function is more linked to appearance than to the depth of the message and its ability to penetrate the conscience of those who read it.

For these reasons, the editorial plans in which the contents are enclosed must be elaborated with extreme care, mixing together material contents (those linked to the product’s functionality), immaterial contents (such as those centred on the company’s values and other intangible aspects linked to the product’s user experience) and emotional contents, even if not directly linked to the product or service offered by the brand, but capable of arousing strong emotional reactions capable of cementing the relationship between the company and the consumer even more.

Intangible content

Among the various contents to be published, in the historical conjuncture in which we find ourselves, the intangible ones take on particular relevance, because they are those most directly linked to certain ethical or topical issues that attract the attention of a huge number of people. Many companies, even today, prefer to avoid exposing themselves too directly to sensitive and divisive subjects, which also risk giving rise to heated discussions among followers or attracting the attention of some unscrupulous media, with the risk that the whole story will then be treated incorrectly or incompletely.

It is also for these reasons that all so-called ethical, or value-related topics must be treated with extreme delicacy, with great care, and their creation should always be entrusted to professionals who possess that special sensitivity that in certain cases can save the company from real media disasters.

Posts on these kinds of topics, moreover, should be preceded by a series of teaser contents that prepare your audience for the moment when they will be addressed in a clear, direct, unequivocal manner. These teasers also serve to test the possible reactions of the audience to the publication of particularly sensitive content, thus giving the company the opportunity to correct its pitch and proceed to create content that is better suited to everyone’s expectations.

When suddenly confronted with a post on a particularly sensitive ethical issue, in some cases, the audience may undoubtedly feel lost, and disoriented, as if they have seen something shocking for which they were in no way prepared. Indeed, the audience must be educated patiently, with discretion, gently accustoming it to the consumption of posts dedicated to issues of particular social relevance, such as those related to inclusiveness, racism or sustainability.

Always express yourself, without fear

In any case, there is only one fundamental rule to bear: a brand should never be afraid to express its personality, values, or even its ethical convictions. In this historical conjuncture, brands and companies must have a human face, and a clear and well-defined personality, which can also be manifested from time to time through clear stances on certain ethical or social issues. And through the power of online communication, every company has the opportunity to express itself in an infinite number of ways, demonstrating to its audience that it possesses a sensitive soul capable of going beyond the cold physicality of the product.

Many brands have already demonstrated that they are able to offer content that is perfectly suited to the public’s expectations: some of these undoubtedly belong to the online gambling sector, which for years has continued to entice its target audience with sensational games, with out-of-the-ordinary experiences and through some of the best casinos bonuses in the UK, which always reserve a great deal of excitement for anyone who experiences them for the first time (and also in subsequent ones). These portals also help people form their own individual tastes, through a wide selection of games and gaming experiences that can satisfy all needs, in a completely safe and risk-free manner.

No matter with what content you manage to capture the attention of your audience, what matters is that you do it discreetly, and gently, always trying to meet even the most complex expectations.

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