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5 Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill

As people stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic, electric bills are on the rise. People are using more technology to stay entertained and more kitchen appliances to cook food. However, you don’t have to see a dramatic spike in your electricity costs just because you are home more. Follow these five steps to lower your electric bill.

1. Look for a more affordable electricity provider.

If you want to lower your bills without actually changing your behavior, consider switching providers. Plenty of electric companies rely on customers never shopping around for cheaper electricity. They can raise their electricity prices over the years without customers complaining.

Don’t let your local electric provider get a monopoly on your area. For example, check out different electricity suppliers NI to find one that has a low rate for the same service. You may be surprised at how much your bill drops.

2. Keep your HVAC system maintained.

If you want to see a major drop in your electric bill, look at the things that drive up the costs. Air conditioning and heating account for almost half of your bill on average. This comes from overuse and poorly-maintained systems.

First, try not to run your HVAC system when you leave the house or at least adjust the settings so the system won’t run as much while you are away. Next, invest in HVAC maintenance. By keeping your system in good working order, it won’t have to run as frequently or has hard, lowering your electricity use while keeping your home cool.

3. Improve the insulation in your home.

Another way you can reduce waste in your HVAC system and lower your electricity rates is to improve your insulation. When you add temperature control to your home (through heating and air conditioning), the air travels around your house and eventually seeps outside. Additionally, air from the inside seeps in and changes your indoor temperature. Stand near your windows to understand this effect, you can feel the outside air coming inside and changing your temperature.

Evaluate the state of your insulation to lower your eclectic bills. You may need to re-insulate your attic if the heat keeps escaping out of the roof or add insulation to your windows and doors to keep the outdoor elements out. A professional insulation specialist can help determine how much energy you are wasting each month.

4. Upgrade appliances based on energy start ratings.

After your air conditioning and heating system, the next biggest energy consumers in your home are your major appliances. These are washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, and other items that run for several hours each day. When you replace these items, make sure they meet the latest Energy Star standards. These are appliances where the cost of operating the product is significantly lower in order to protect the environment and your electric bills. Make sure you are buying the most efficient models so you can lower your water bill alongside your electricity costs.

5. Develop healthy home habits.

A lower electric bill starts with you. Practice healthy habits like turning off lights when you leave the room unplugging appliances when they aren’t in use. This way you won’t use electricity when no one is in that part of the house or using that item. If you plan to take a vacation or leave your house for a long period of time, follow the empty house checklist so you don’t waste electricity.

If you want to lower your electric bill, start with the tasks that can have the biggest impact, then take small steps to change your behavior and use less electricity in order to save.

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