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7 Common Career Mistakes You Must Avoid

Throughout the course of your career, you will be prone to making mistakes, and understandably so. We are all human, and we are not perfect. You will make mistakes at all stages of your career, from internship to retirement. However, there are some mistakes that you must avoid.

Some blunders can prove to be fatal to your career. Here are seven of the most common career mistakes that you could be making and how you can fix them

You Jump from Job to Job

The grass is never greener on the other side. Jumping from job to job is a clear indication that your career lacks the vision. Changing jobs is not bad. In fact, the average modern worker changes a post every 3 to 5 years.

But your career could be suffering if you haven’t nailed down your long-term goals.  Remember, growth is not realized with new opportunities; instead, it is achieved by finding the right ones.

Consider doing your research before submitting your next job application. Make sure you also have valid reasons before choosing to jump to other positions.

You Have a Limited Network

Your network or connections affect your ideas, strategies, and overall career outlook. There are many other benefits one can enjoy from networking. According to a survey, at least 70% of all jobs are not advertised publicly.  For this reason, we are encouraged to do aggressive networking, which will put us in positions to access such jobs.

However, we sometimes fail short to see these benefits. For instance, we build professional relationships only to abandon them once we secure the new job we discussed.

Remember, your connections are invaluable, so it would be in your best interest to continue investing in those relationships.

To Stop Growing and Investing in Yourself

Career growth and progression is all about acquiring new and invaluable experience. One great way you can achieve this is by challenging yourself. Challenges bring about personal development as each time you overcome them, you learn something new.

Think of it as your comfort zone expanding. It is possible to stay in a role for a long time until you become comfortable. And while that might not be a bad thing, you might stop pushing yourself to learn and grow professionally.

In doing so, you run the risk of becoming irrelevant. It would be in your best interest to stay ahead of the game by keeping up with the latest trends and challenging yourself to add to your set of skills.

You Avoid Challenges and Risks

As mentioned above, the key to growth lies in career challenges and risks. But many people are usually afraid to take risks to get to their ideal career path. Fear of failure is the main reason for this, among many other reasons.

But it is essential to take risks, especially when you are young or at the beginning of your career. These small early-on risks can be the difference later on.  Risks are not a bad thing, provided they are calculated. This is the main reason why many successful entrepreneurs encourage people to take risks.

Traversing the common and obvious is playing it safe, which has its own perks. However, you might never reach the limits of your potential if you do so. 

Over-reliance on Salaries and Benefits

One grave mistake that employed individuals make is placing too much importance on wages, allowances, salaries, and benefits. This is what influences our job selection. We meet many people who encourage us to work for the experience and the exposure as opposed to working for money.

And while that is incredibly advantageous, we often fail to do so. You should aim to expand your skill set to make yourself more valuable.

Social Media Behavior

Our modern world is highly interconnected. As a result, your information can be quickly accessed at the touch of a button through social media. Remember, important to your career is your reputation.

If things go wrong at your current workplace for whatever reason, it would be best if you made sure that you are in a position to bounce back up quickly. A poor reputation might dent your chances at a fast career progression.

It’s no secret that millions of people across the world have lost the chance at fantastic jobs because of unprofessional behavior displayed on their social media pages.  According to a survey done by CareerBuilder, over 70% of employers today look at a candidate’s social media profiles before making the decision to hire.

For this reason, you must consider using these platforms to express yourself in a professional manner to avoid denting your hopes of landing a better and more satisfying position.

Submitting Poor Job Applications

Your career might have stagnated because of something as simple as your resume. This document is incredibly important when looking for a job. Is your current resume updated? Is it professionally written and formatted?

Because of the stiff and cutthroat competition today, hiring managers might disqualify your application because of something as simple as spelling mistakes or failing to format your document properly. There are many other reasons why hiring managers might reject your resume and application.

For this reason, many applicants prefer using online resume writing services. Such services are fast, but more importantly, they increase your chances of landing that job as they help highlight your skills. They also help with formatting your document to meet industry standards. So, it would be in your best interest to use such a service.

In Conclusion

There are many career mistakes that we make involuntarily. Such mistakes could have dire consequences on the development and progression of our careers. Luckily, the article above highlights such mistakes in a bid to help you avoid them.

Remember always to network and do your research. The future of your career depends on it. Additionally, remember to make use of online resume writing services. You will need a professional resume to help you climb the corporate ladder.

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