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How to land a job at the business of your choice

It’s easy to fall into the cycle of taking and accepting whatever life throws at you; however, there are many opportunities out there, waiting for you to take them. Below you will find tips on how to land your dream job, within the business of your choice.

Network Your Way In

Networking is often overlooked, but many higher level jobs are advertised by word of mouth before they are uploaded on job sites. Expanding your network is, therefore, a great way to make yourself known. You can do this by attending conferences, speaking to friends or family members in the industry you are interested in, or by reaching out yourself. While you want to be persistent, you should strike a balance – you do not want to be seen as too pushy.

Improve Your CV

A Curriculum Vitae is still essential in this modern age, so you need to continually look for ways to make yours stand out from the crowd. While you will want to ensure your CV is formatted in an interesting way, it should be the content you spend most of your time developing. It is a known fact that you want your experience to be precise, and it should not overrun two pages. You also need to attach a cover letter that is customised for the job you are applying for. If you need help writing your CV, be sure to contact professionals that provide a CV writing service, such as PurpleCV.

A good CV should cover the following:

  • A personal profile
  • Skills
  • Work experience
  • Education and qualifications

Take Extra Courses

Sometimes, the best way to land the perfect job is to ensure you have the correct skills. There is little point in applying for a job if your skillset is lacking. Take the time to research the skills and experience you need, and then once you know exactly what they are after, find the best way to achieve them.

For instance, you can take additional courses or a degree if you have the time and money to do so. Just make sure whatever you do is adding value to your skillset. There is little room to be made when it comes to spending time and money on courses that may not help you get where you need to be.

Be Proactive

Businesses are looking for employees that are self-starters and proactive, which can be such a great quality to have. Showing that you are proactive means you are seen to be productive, innovative, and bring fresh energy to the company.

With that in mind, to be proactive during the job hunt, take the lead and contact the company to introduce yourself through an introductory phone call or email. Follow up with your CV and try to talk to a decision maker in the company to arrange a face to face meeting. It may seem daunting, but it could be the persistence you need to get you the job you desire.

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