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A Checklist on Things to Prepare When Moving Countries

Photo by Michal Balog on Unsplash

Have you decided that working overseas is the next logical step for you and your career? Then pat yourself in the back because this takes a lot of courage to realize. After all, your home country is a place that provides you with a lot of love and comfort. So it will not be easy to leave behind.

But before you decide to leave your home and never look back, there are some things that you need to consider first. Otherwise, you might come to your destination unprepared or full of uncertainty. 

Find a job that suits your needs

You cannot move to a new country if you have not thought of the job you will have there yet! This is the first step you need to take. Scout a job online so that you can have the opportunity you need. Look at online platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor. These are all valuable websites that can kickstart your international career.

There is a wide array of opportunities available to you. Many educational-related jobs can be a good fit if you are a teacher. You can also work on a farm or an office. There are so many options. You have to find one that speaks to who you are as a person. 

Do some research

You can’t just give in to the allure of a new place. A sound mind is necessary to embrace this next step. Doing some research will guide you as you go along, especially if you get the information you need about salary, culture, entertainment, and the community in this new country.

You can even start looking for places that can serve as home. Perhaps start by scouting apartments in your prospective workplace. This kind of data is helpful for people who will move countries for the first time. 

Save some money

You cannot overromanticize your career move. Even though it might feel like your big “main character moment,” you also need financial resources to sustain yourself! The reality is that you are not being paid to travel around and find a dream job.

You also need to pay rent, buy groceries, and do other tasks that require money. Make sure you have researched the cost of living and have saved up enough funds that will last you a year or more. Otherwise, you can run out of steam quickly and end up broke while in an area that is entirely foreign to you.

Sort out your paperwork

Every time someone considers moving overseas, they need to fill out some paperwork. Do not let this derail you! You need to think about this whenever you make such a big life decision. If you need help, a resource like will give you many insights. Speak to the best immigration lawyers or legal counsel you know to make sure the move goes well for you. If you have a spouse, don’t forget to check the documents for the spouse visa as well. 

Pack your things accordingly

While some people hate packing, it is something that can be cathartic for you! Think of it as you preparing for the next big thing. It helps you decide what to bring with you on your journey and what things you can leave to friends and family. It can also be a great source of additional funding if you find some things to sell for more money!

Make sure that when you pack, you think of the necessities. Of course, there are always some things that you can purchase in the new country, so do not overpack. These additional items can be a decision for a flight delay if you go over the designated weight of luggage. 

Learn about the culture

Even though you think that the internet has prepared you for all the things you can encounter while in the field, there are still some cultural nuances that you could miss when you finally arrive. The best way to do this is by continuous learning. Perhaps you can learn more about the language?

Look at maps and think about the routes that will likely take you to and from your place of work. Do not allow yourself to get lost, as this can expose you to dangers like pickpockets and the like. Make sure to be well-versed in the current news as this information can help you protect yourself. 

Do not be afraid to consult the people around you for advice if you think that there are some things that you forgot to assess before moving countries. This is a big career move that you need all the help with, so kudos to you for coming up with your own checklist! 

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