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Reasons Why Italian Dual Citizenship Is Worthwhile

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The concept of dual citizenship is gaining popularity among Americans these days. Millions of Americans join the race for a second passport every year. But before pursuing the idea, you must pick a destination that matches your preference and expectations. Italy is among the top dual citizenship destinations because an Italian second passport is a golden ticket to an incredible lifestyle. Moreover, it is easy to get Italian citizenship compared to other countries. You can check Bersani Law Firm website to understand the nitty-gritty of the process. Before getting started, you must know the reasons that make Italian dual citizenship worthwhile. Let us explain them in detail.

Option to apply through multiple routes

The best thing about Italian dual citizenship is that you have multiple routes to get it. You can consider all options and pick one that matches your circumstances. While the choice is mainly about your eligibility, you can choose the easiest process if you qualify for more than one route. These are your options-

Citizenship by descent-  If you can trace your ancestral roots in Italy, the descent route is ideal for you. The good thing is that there are no generational limits to this route, so you can apply through parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and beyond. All you need to prove is that your ancestor was an Italian citizen after the country’s formation in 1861. The process is mainly about documentation as you need them to validate your Italian bloodline. You have to obtain some documents from your ancestor’s commune in Italy and more from your current residence. Once you have the paperwork, you can apply for dual citizenship at your local consulate. However, you may come into an exception if you have a female ancestor who gave birth before 1948. In this case, you can claim citizenship through a court process under the 1948 Rule. 

Citizenship by marriage- Anyone who ties a knot with an Italian citizen can apply for dual citizenship by marriage. However, you can apply only two years after marriage if your spouse resides in Italy and three years after marriage if they live elsewhere. The period is cut to half if you have biological or adopted children with your spouse. The paperwork for this route mainly includes your marriage certificate, personal IDs, and police records. Additionally, you have to get a B1 level of Italian language certification to qualify. The process also requires an application with your local consulate.

Citizenship by naturalization- For citizenship by naturalization, you have to reside in Italy for more than ten years. The process starts with a residence permit, which you can obtain after getting an investor visa. Initially, you get a residence permit for two years, following which you can obtain a subsequent renewal of three years. Completing five years in the country entitles you to permanent residence. Staying for ten years qualifies you for citizenship by naturalization. It is the longest route but works for people who cannot get a second passport with the other options.

Each of the citizenship routes has its nuances, and the best way to pick the apt one is by seeking expert assistance. A qualified professional can also help you with document gathering, verification, and other aspects of the process.

Live and work in Italy

Once you get your Italian dual citizenship with the apt route, you can land in Italy with your family. You are entitled to all the benefits of citizenship like any other citizen. You can live and work here, buy real estate, run a business or explore career opportunities. Your family has access to one of the best healthcare systems in the EU. Moreover, the country offers quality education without costing a fortune, making it ideal for families with young children. You also have the right to vote like an Italian citizen. You can even become a part of a political party or hold a key official position down the line. It is your opportunity to live a dream life in one of the most incredible countries.

Access to one of the most powerful passports

This one is a no-brainer because Italian dual citizenship gives you access to one of the most powerful passports in the world. It enables you to travel without visas to all 27 countries in the EU. You can freely work in these countries, even without applying for a Work Visa that has time limits. EU citizens get special preference for educational and professional opportunities before non-citizens. Moreover, you get the benefit of hassle-free travel to 190 other countries with your second passport.  If you truly want to experience the advantages of global living, an Italian passport makes it possible. Not surprisingly, countless Americans apply for it every year and the numbers are growing consistently.

Automatic citizenship for future generations

If you secure Italian citizenship, your children under the age of 18 get it automatically. You need not even apply or go through additional formalities to obtain it for them. All you have to do is register their birth with Italy, and they are the citizens of the country. With this, they get the entire benefits of education, career, healthcare, and travel, just like you. Additionally, Italian citizenship passes on to all your future generations. It means your children, grandchildren, and the next descendants in line will be Italian citizens, even without going through the process again. So you can preserve your heritage generation after generation.

Italy is an incredible country to live in, with its easy lifestyle, rich culture, scenic locales, and excellent educational and healthcare facilities. It has abundant opportunities to grow financially through jobs and business. Italian dual citizenship is your ticket to a European lifestyle, which is often a dream for Americans. Getting in is easy, provided you choose the right immigration route and follow the formalities diligently. You only have to collaborate with a professional to simplify the road to dual citizenship. They can guide you all the way and help you achieve the Italian dream for yourself, your family, and the generations ahead.

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