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A Closer Look At Work Anxiety

Just a few years ago, I was told I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. This truly explained what I had been experiencing, especially at work.

Unfortunately, work became quite challenging. I overthought every single conversation, my responses etc. I even thought that my co-workers and managers felt that I was a fake and a fraud. As a result of these overwhelming feelings, I started reducing socializing with my co-workers even during lunch.

Then, I started getting panic attacks at the office. This included crying, shaking, rocking while in the company’s washrooms almost every day. This made me feel very stressed and ashamed, so I started working even more than I did previously. I put a lot of pressure on myself and even started eating and sleeping a lot less. Due to this, I became anemic which led to my diagnosis of GAD.

Fortunately, I have started dealing with and managing the symptoms of my condition. We will now look at a couple of tips that helped me and will likely work for you as well.

Talking to a person that you trust at the office – Personally, this has greatly helped me. When you have someone to talk to and you know that the person is keeping an eye on you, it will help to reduce your overall anxiety. This actually reduced my own anxiety by as much as 40%.

Learn the symptoms and how to recognize them – If you’re like me, then when you start feeling anxious, it feels as though someone else has entered your body. This results in a loss of control. Now, I have learned to recognize when this is happening and that in itself helps to reduce it. I usually go and find an empty room to relax in or go for a walk.

Use easy techniques – Even though it may be easy to go take a walk, you may still find yourself dealing with issues such as clammy hands, a pounding heart etc. So, you need to try to control these issues. One of my favorite ways is by doing some breathing exercises. This actually helps me to re-focus and stop or at least reduce these symptoms.

Be as healthy as you can be – By exercising on a regular basis, this has greatly helped me to settle my mind and stop thinking about all the things that could be. I personally like to exercise by myself since this helps my anxiety since I don’t need to be around people. A healthy diet and supplements like CBD can help you keep anxiety in check. Visit CBDoilIreland.ie.

In closing, by implementing these changes, I have noticed that my anxiety has reduced and is more manageable. So, be sure to try them for yourself and see if they can help reduce your anxiety as well.

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