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Address validation helps you to reduce costs

Address Validation is a process that ensures the accuracy of address data you collect and up-to-date or standardized analysis. Solutions that provide address verification must not only correct spelling, ensure correct formatting of the address and add missing information, but should also function in real-time or be performed in batches.

The Importance of Address Validation

Confidence in your address data is important for all your business initiatives and plans. Most companies today rely on data in order to sustain business opportunities, viewing it as a critical resource to better serve their customers and increase revenue. Address validation with Egon allows you to first reduce costs, stop sending outbound mailings, and avoid misdirected marketing activities to increase customer satisfaction.

Due to the rise of address data and e-commerce arrive in your database by using platforms such as website, live chat, mobile application, email, or phone call. Some analyses prove that less than 85% of addresses entered online are error-free and 15% contain various types of errors starting from incorrect formatting to incorrect postcodes or spelling mistakes.

Having said that, let’s dispel a myth. Most of the people believe that address validation only improves costs. In reality, address validation offers several advantages.

Address Validation offers a lot of benefits

For starters, it can be said that using an up-to-date and error-free address database gives you a product accurately analyze the market and make the right long-term decisions.  In other words, your management team will be able to analyze a complete set of accurate data: decisions will be more effective and will better support your long-term goals.

Reliable address validation software, like Egon, does more than just correct formatting errors and check whether the address exists in the database. It also allows you to enrich addresses with missing information. This allows you to build an accurate profile of your customers and improve your ability to communicate with your customers promptly. If you rely on the mail for your marketing campaigns, confirming the accuracy of an address is going to reduce significantly the number of undeliverable or returned mail items. This will help you to save a lot of time and money.

High Data Quality using Address Validation

From a front-end perspective, one of the most common benefits of address validation is that it attests to high data quality, which translates into better delivery rates, better communication with customers, and enhanced user experience through faster and easier data entry into an online form. Back office benefits of address validation include efficient management of loyalty programs or billing processes, product shipping, and logistics and planning management for engineering teams that rely on location data for their operations.

All of these benefits enable fast, punctual, and customized service for the customer. With a complete and detailed database, you will be able to guide customers through the purchasing, shipping, or after-sales phases.

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