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How technology is allowing businesses to keep delivering during this crisis

Crises are inevitable in business. Whether it’s natural disasters, geopolitical situations that prevent or forbid delivery of products suddenly, or a pandemic like the one we are experiencing now, small businesses must find ways to think fast and handle situations quickly. Thankfully we live in a digital age that offers multiple tech advantages to delivering during this crisis. In this article, we will be focusing on some of the simple yet powerful tech tools available to keep your business resilient.

Let’s jump right in.


Technology is being developed at a staggering rate and thankfully it is easily accessible to businesses everywhere. Companies, like CitySprint, utilise different technologies to support businesses to book, track and receive packages efficiently and safely.

The first tool I have chosen to highlight is the real-time GPS tracking system. Since the onset of Covid-19, receiving actual up-to-date information has been exceptionally trying. Even the savviest companies still provide tracking information through a third-party service. Due to the current crisis, this info tends to be incorrect creating frustration for your customers and your company.

Real-time GPS tracking means your customers will know exactly where their package is at all times. This avoids costly issues and provides transparency with a secured chain of custody.  This is a premium service that is provided for free by CitySprint.

Another clever solution is internal mail tracking. This tech is available via Apple and Android and allows you to know the whereabouts of your deliveries at all times. This sort of innovation is critical for medical and legal businesses as well as other security-sensitive information.

Innovative Ways of Working

Currently, we know that COVID-19, is transmitted via contact. Accurate tracking software makes contact-free delivery possible. A contact-free delivery ensures the safety of the couriers as well as the customer.

With real-time technology, this means a courier can safely place the item at the recipient’s delivery location, alert the customer, and wait until it is received at a safe distance. These innovations have allowed CitySprint to operate as usual maintaining necessary health and safety guidelines guidelines and preventing further transmission

Application Programming Interfaces

Simply known as APIs, this tech connects you to your customer instantly. This provides seamless integration of a delivery platform with a business’s existing eCommerce platforms and makes booking and tracking seamless for the end-user. As mentioned, real-time tracking is necessary for a variety of fields and offering your customers this level of ease and transparency will set you apart from your competitors.

Companies like CitySprint are taking delivery services into the future with innovative technology and allow businesses to keep bustling despite the crisis.

Wrap Up

To manage a supply chain you need the right logistics partner to quickly deliver all your products on time. Whether you run a microbrewery and require dray delivery service, freight services, or multi-drop deliveries, choosing the right courier fleet with the technology to support your needs is critical.

These services offer every innovation you could possibly need:

  • Real-time tracking
  • Time-stamped audit trails
  • API for booking deliveries and tracking

Don’t let Covid-19 slow down your business. Instead, add accredited couriers who can deliver using the latest technology for complete transparency and efficiency. Your company will save money and enjoy a wealth of happy customers who receive their packages on-time, every time. For more information, click here


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