Meeting customers' needs through the Internet
An Amway case study

Page 0: Introduction

In recent years the Internet has moved closer to the heart of the communications strategy of many different organisations. The Internet combines two simple ideas. Firstly, that computers can be linked together; not just one computer to another, but many different computers to each other. Secondly, concepts and key ideas can be linked across different documents. For example, the word advice when...
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Page 1: Amway

Founded in the USA in 1959, Amway is a global business with 6,000 corporate employees worldwide. It is one of the world's largest direct sales companies that services and supplies over 3.3 million IBOs in more than 80 countries and territories in Asia, Africa, East and Western Europe and the Americas. The critical relationship between Amway and the seller, or IBO, is at the heart of Amway's...
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Page 2: Strategic development of interactive communications

Amway's IBO customers depend on Amway for more than products. They look to Amway for support that will help them manage their businesses. For an organisation to be competitive in a crowded market place it has to be market-focused. Amway knows that it succeeds only when it helps its customers to succeed. By placing customers at the centre of its focus, an organisation then builds processes...
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Page 3: Independent Business Owners (IBOs)

In order to understand what IBO customers want in terms of products and service, Amway builds up typical customer profiles. These are made as full and accurate as possible. In that way, Amway can target its current support services. Equally important, it is able to anticipate the future needs of its various customer groups, and can target them with specific product information. Amway knows that...
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Page 4: Developing an Internet strategy

Business strategies are designed to be consistent with an organisation's overall purpose or mission. As a world leader in direct selling, Amway builds opportunities and partnership with individual customers so that they can share in its success. To support this purpose, corporate strategyinvolves making far-reaching long-term decisions that look to match an organisation's activities with...
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Page 5: Conclusion

The AMIVO website development has given UK-based IBOs an alternative, enhanced way of managing their businesses. The website rapidly attracted a significant number of IBOs keen to try the online service. Promotions helped to encourage repeat use of the site by demonstrating its unique benefits. Today, over one third of Amway's UK business is transacted through the AMIVO UK website and it's well...
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